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 Verse of the Day

Psalm 31:19

How great is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you,

which you bestow in the sight of men on those who take refuge in you.



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A weekly message from Pastor Bruce Sofia, Senior Pastor of Gloucester County Community Church

The Book of Revelation, Study 55

A sermon by Rev. Dr. J. Bruce Sofia - Founder & Senior Pastor
Gloucester County Community Church, Sewell, NJ


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Genesis, Part 62

June 23, 2017
Today on Changed By The Word we continue our study chapter thirty five in The Book of Genesis with this teaching entitled “The Obedient Patriarch”.








Revival Revived 2 -

Evangelist Billy Sunday said, “They tell me revival is only temporary; so is a bath, but it does you good.” I remember as a kid, I would ask myself, “Why do we have revivalservices?” What good do they do if we have to keep having them? With that said, I liked revival services because the speakers were interesting and the singing evangelists were different than what we heard weekly in church. Now that I’m a little older chronologically and spiritually I understand why we had revival services every year. On Thursday night (Day 4) the emphasis was “senior adults.” Our seniors’ pastor spoke on why a “jolt” is necessary for our faith to stay alive. The evening included a testimonial on the value of revival by one of the pillars in the senior adult community. He said, “Pastor, I hope they’ll be a Revival Revived 16. We need to be renewed and refreshed, and that’s what ‘revival’ does.” It is my prayer that as you watch (DVD) or listen (CD) to this collection of services you’ll be refreshed in body, soul and spirit. Find listed below the 7 days and 8 services, their emphasis and respective speakers. Oh, lest I be remiss, I believe you’ll thoroughly love the Round Table discussions with Wayne and me. They are a little deep at times and thought provoking. Enjoy and be blessed! - Dr. J. Bruce Sofia 

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Men of Valor (Men's Ministry)

We are normal men who God desires to empower to perform extraordinary things.
We believe, Jesus will return one day and establish his kingdom here on earth.
We are men called from all walks of life to pave the way for the LORD.
We are the “Men of Valor” who pledge our lives to see Jesus the Christ seated on the throne in the hearts of all men.
Our hope lies in the bodily resurrection as described in the Bible.
We rally at the cry, “Come Lord Jesus, Come!”

Join us this week with Reverend John Gaines with this teaching entitled "Battle Cry Part 2" on Men of Valor!


Living Well (Women's Ministry)

Women Embracing Life in the Lord, through the study of His word and service to others.

Join us this week with Dr. Stacy Haynes with a teaching entitled "Love It Or List It " on Living Well!


Through the Bible on Audio

An audio Bible program in the New Kings James version from Word Of Promise. - 25 minutes